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Webinar Recap: Creating Happy and Informed Clients With the CustomCare Broker Affiliate Program

By Chris S on Jul 6, 2018 11:35:56 AM |


CustomCare knows how hard Brokers work. We can help make your job easier! Earning More as a CustomCare Broker Affiliate covers:

  • How the CustomCare program works
  • The benefits of the Broker Affiliate Program
  • How to join the program

Webinar Recap

Here are the Questions and Answers from our Webinar held July 4, 2018. To get the link to the recording, please feel free to contact 

Questions & Answers

Q. How much customization is available for the custom landing page with CustomCare?
A. We have some flexibility for what we can do with those landing pages. They have been designed with our expertise in the digital marketing space. The idea being that people aren't really spending a lot of time there, but have landed here hopefully from your website to get more information. We are happy to have these conversations around customization though.

Q. Will CustomCare have any integration with Agile Benefits?
A. As far as integrating with CustomCare, we have not established where that will fall in the project line, but expect that will come in the future. 

Q. If a business owner has both part-time and full-time employees, is the business owner obligated to provide benefits for both?
A. We believe that it is in that business owners best interest to provide something. That doesn't mean it needs to be the same level of benefit for all levels. For example, a business owner may have $5000 in health spending as a business owner class because they have reasonable claims to submit in that amount. They may allocate a full-time employee $1500 and a part-time employee $500 so long as everyone in those job bands or classes are treated equally.

Q. Does a business need to pre-fund a Health Spending Account and is there a limit to categories or classes you can have?
A. There isn't a limit but if you find yourself getting up to 5-6, we are happy to talk through your classes with you to keep it as simple as possible. You do have to fund the account for CustomCare to get reimbursed, but there is no requirement that money be in the account from day one. To minimize administration, we recommend they put 20% of the total year volume into the account upfront to claim against. As that depletes, they can top it up or we can automatically top that up depending how the account is setup.

Q. Can you change classes later?
A. Absolutely. Changes happen all the time. Feel free to touch base with us to help you walk through the process to communicate that especially if you are making adjustments to classes that may have an impact on individuals which could result in an HR headache. We can give some guidance, but also recommend that you have an HR resource to make sure that is all handled appropriately.

Q. Do you have some suggestions for how to prospect for CustomCare?
A. Definitely. This goes back to the associations or getting involved in network communities that you can get in front of small business owners and being able to do so at volume. Were we have seen success in situations for example where you are getting in front of many business owners at the same time like a town hall. Associations love being able to give their members additional programs or benefits that don't cost them anything to have in place. When you are talking to accountants and business owners in general, showing them the tax savings by simply tweaking something they are already doing can show significant savings. Having that simple conversation shows the value in HSAs and can help open the door to other conversations about how you can help.

Q. Can we get metrics on who is visiting my customized landing page?
A. We are happy to share what the traffic looks like with you


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